A popular monster to kill for profit is the "Hill Giant," which drops valuable items like Big Bones and Ensouled Giant Heads, which can be sold for a decent amount of money.

3. Flipping:

By completing the "Monkey Madness II" quest, you unlock access to the Demonic Gorillas, which drop valuable items like Zenyte Shards, which can be sold for significant profits.

5. Bossing:

Buying low-demand items at a lower price and selling them when the demand increases can result in substantial profits. Keep an eye on items like Dragonhide armor or potions that are frequently in demand by players.

4. Questing:

Engaging in combat activities can also be a lucrative option for new players. Killing monsters or completing Slayer tasks can reward you with valuable drops, which can be sold for money.


If you focus on Fishing, you can catch valuable fish like Lobsters or Sharks and sell them for a good profit. Similarly, if you choose Woodcutting, cutting rare logs such as Yew or Magic logs can fetch you a decent income.

2. Combat:

As a new player in OSRS, there are several methods you can employ to earn money effectively. Here are a few suggestions:

Earning money as a new player in OSRS

1. Skilling:

Flipping involves buying items at a low price and selling them for a higher price. Monitoring the Grand Exchange for items with fluctuating prices can help you identify profitable items to buy and sell.


Skilling refers to training various skills in the game, such as Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining, or Runecrafting. These skills can be profitable as you gather resources and sell them on the Grand Exchange or directly to other players.


If you have sufficient combat skills, taking on bosses can be highly rewarding. Boss monsters have a chance to drop rare and valuable items that can be sold for substantial amounts of money.


Earning money as a new player in OSRS requires patience, strategic thinking, and a combination of different methods. Skilling, combat, flipping, questing, and bossing are just a few avenues to explore. With dedication and effort, you can start accumulating wealth and enjoy the rewarding experience that Old School RuneScape has to offer!

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Defeating bosses like the "Vorkath" or the "Zulrah" can yield valuable drops such as Dragon Bones, Dragonhides, or unique items like the Tanzanite Fang or Magic Fang. Selling these items can generate a considerable income.


Completing quests can reward you with experience points, valuable items, or access to new areas. Some quests provide direct monetary rewards, while others unlock profitable activities.